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Elevate your chilling experience with our Ball Ice Mold at DistingShop! Crafted with premium silicone, our spherical ice mold ensures slow melting, preserving the full flavor of your beverages. Perfect for whiskey connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts alike. Get yours now and enjoy drinks that stay colder, longer.


Welcome to DistingShop, your premier destination for innovative lifestyle products in Lebanon. We proudly present our Ball Ice Mold, designed to revolutionize your chilling experience and elevate your beverage game.

Our meticulously crafted Ball Ice Mold is constructed from high-quality silicone, ensuring durability and ease of use. Designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this mold produces flawless spherical ice balls that are not only visually appealing but also functional. The larger size of the ice balls guarantees a slower melting rate compared to regular ice cubes, preserving the integrity and full flavor of your drinks without dilution.

Whether you’re a whiskey aficionado who enjoys sipping your favorite single malt or a cocktail enthusiast who loves mixing up creative concoctions, our Ball Ice Mold is the ideal companion. It adds a touch of sophistication to any drink, making it perfect for both casual gatherings and elegant soirées.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from premium silicone for durability and easy release
  • Produces large spherical ice balls for slow and even melting
  • Preserves the flavor and strength of your beverages
  • Versatile use for whiskey, cocktails, mocktails, and more
  • Elevates the presentation of your drinks
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Perfect for home bars, parties, and special occasions

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