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Elevate your drink experience with our Diamond Decanter with wooden stand Carafe – a diamond-shaped whiskey decanter set. Crafted from premium lead-free crystal clear borosilicate glass, it’s perfect for various beverages. The set includes a decanter with an approximate capacity of 850 mL, two glasses with an approximate capacity of 300 mL each, and a rustic wood stand. Enhance the tasting experience with the unique diamond design, reflecting light and aerating your drink. The easy-to-use wooden stand keeps everything balanced. A perfect gift for whiskey lovers and a stunning addition to any home or bar.



Introducing our Diamond Decanter Carafe, the diamond-shaped whiskey decanter that adds a touch of sophistication to your home or bar. Crafted for versatility, this decanter is ideal for a variety of beverages, including whiskey, vodka, rum, scotch, bourbon, tequila, wine, brandy, liquor, rice wine, juice, soda, and iced tea. Preserve the crisp and rich texture of your favorite drinks with this professional high-quality whiskey decanter set.

Made from premium lead-free food-grade crystal clear borosilicate glass, our whiskey decanter and two cocktail whiskey glasses are not only safe and durable but also enhance the presentation of your drinks. The shiny and lightweight design is both dishwasher and fridge safe. The set is complemented by a matching rustic stand crafted from high-end sturdy natural pine wood – eco-friendly and easy to carry.

This Full Bar Luxury Diamond Decanter Set includes a diamond whiskey decanter with a sealing glass stopper, two diamond-shaped drink glasses, and a graceful wood holder. With a decanter capacity of approximately 850 mL and a glass capacity of approximately 300 mL, it ensures you have everything needed to share a drink with a friend or entertain guests.

The unique design of the artfully detailed glass diamond shape enhances the tasting experience by reflecting light evenly. As your drink is poured and swirled inside the decanter and glasses, it aerates, providing an elegant and chic way to elevate the look of your liquor and impress your guests.

Easy to use and thoughtfully designed, the wooden stand allows you to place the decanter and glasses upright or tilted while keeping them balanced. The decanter mouth is designed for easy pouring without leaking. This stunning home/office decor or bar accessory makes for a perfect gift for whiskey lovers or bar enthusiasts on holidays or any occasions.

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