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Moscow Mule Shot


Rotating 30 Pieces Shaker Set

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Moscow Mule Shots With Stand


Elevate your drinkware collection with our exquisite Moscow Mule Shots set. Crafted with authenticity in mind, each set includes six meticulously hammered copper shots accompanied by a stylish wooden stand. Immerse yourself in the tradition of Moscow Mule enjoyment, add a touch of elegance to your gatherings, and relish the perfect blend of style and taste.


Introducing our Moscow Mule Shots with Wooden Stand – a captivating addition to your barware assortment. This exceptional set redefines the art of savoring drinks with a dash of sophistication and history.

Crafted with precision and authenticity in mind, each set comprises six beautifully hammered copper shots, reminiscent of the classic Moscow Mule tradition. The alluring texture and sheen of the hammered copper exterior add a distinct touch to every sip, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

To further elevate the presentation, our set comes complete with a carefully designed wooden stand. The stand not only serves as a functional and stylish display, but it also echoes the rustic charm of traditional copper craftsmanship.

Whether you’re hosting a soirée, celebrating a special occasion, or simply enjoying a moment of indulgence, these Moscow Mule Shots are bound to leave a lasting impression. Embrace the age-old ritual of sipping mule cocktails while relishing the modern blend of aesthetics and taste.

Key Features:

  • Set of six authentic hammered copper Moscow Mule shots
  • Accompanied by a meticulously crafted wooden stand
  • Revives the tradition of Moscow Mule enjoyment
  • Enhances the drinking experience with textured copper craftsmanship
  • Perfect for gatherings, celebrations, and moments of relaxation

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